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Reveals all the secrets for any Shopify Store you visit

We make it easy to monitor your e-commerce competitors

Discover your competitors

  • Find competing stores
  • Find competing products

Learn from your competitors

  • Know competitor secrets
  • Follow & monitor competitor activity

Surpass your competition

  • Find trending products
  • Find the best suppliers

Easily monitor any Shopify store’s activity

  • Track product launches, new best sellers, and promotions
  • Monitor new ad campaigns and other marketing activities
  • Spot store traffic and rank changes
  • Get notified about store activity in real time

Reveal all the secrets behind 1.5M Shopify stores

  • See store’s orders, revenue, traffic, and ranks
  • Uncover top selling products, new releases, Shopify theme and apps
  • Dissect marketing strategy by inspecting traffic sources — social, search, direct, referral, paid, and mail

Quickly find competing stores and products

  • Find all competing stores for any Shopify store
  • Find all competing products for any Shopify product
  • Search for any product across all live Shopify stores
  • Discover all the Shopify stores selling the same product

Instantly find the best suppliers for any product

  • Reverse image search for the best suppliers
  • Discover direct-from-factory suppliers
  • We will soon cover all major eCommerce sourcing platforms

Discover new high-performing e-commerce videos on TikTok

  • Uncover hot and trending TikTok e-commerce videos, updated every day
  • See consumer interest of each video estimated by our advanced AI algorithms
  • Find interested TikTok ads and videos in seconds with our exhaustive search and filter features

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Simplytrends ?

Simplytrends is a tool designed to help independent sellers monitor their competitors, sales, turnover, traffic, traffic sources, products, ads, in real-time.

Why some stores can't be found?

Since we are still in the beta phrase, some sites have not been included yet. Contact our customer service and we will add it to our system.

What language does the app support?

English is the primary supported language and does not support other languages at this time. You use the auto translation in your web browser to transalte our app to other languages.

How do I find my competitors?

You can enter your shopify domain name directly in our shopify stores feature and use our similar stores tool to help you find more stores like yours.

Are all of your data accurate?

All of our data are accurate, but some of them are estimates. For example, a store's revenue is an estimation.

What is the source of the trends data?

The data is based on google search volume, while referring to a variety of other search platform search such as bing.

Empower eCommerce Entrepreneurs

Our mission is to empower e-commerce entrepreneurs to be successful by simplifying the information collection, analytics, and management process. We analyze billions of data points to help you stay informed of the latest information and trends you need to know, in the simplest way possible.

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